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To everyone with love...
When I got that phone call from Komi, I never thought things would come along this far...

Are there really people who want to see a Taiyo & Ciscomoon comeback?

I was actually really unsure...

But when we started to make our moves, there were so many supportive voices in front of us.

And with the strength of everybody combined, we were able to make the concerts happen

On my own, I don't know what to do about that kind of uncertainty. But being brave and stepping out, with everyone working together, we were able to create something wonderful

Thank you

We're all full of so much gratitude that we can never say it enough.

For me, I can be proud to have been part of this "Taiyo & Ciscomoon" that everybody loved, and now I want to move forward in my own way.

To everyone who lent Taiyo & Ciscomoon your power in 2009...

Thank you very much

And in my heart, I wish happiness for all of you kind people.

This final photo is one that I really liked, from when we were still active, that I've always kept in my book.

With my greatest friends...

Inaba Atsuko
Posted at 00:38 | Inaba Atsuko

...This blog ended yesterday.

Kominato here, and I'm a bit nervous about posting here now (lol)


I have a message from the staff who have given Taiyo & Ciscomoon so much support in 2009.

"There will be bits and pieces of information released up until the DVD comes out...

And even though there is a 'Staff Information' category, we'd prefer it to come from the members..."

That's what it says...

So, we created a new "Members Information" category!

We can't post to this blog individually, but things like the time limit for buying this DVD... other information like that. We'll take turns posting them.

So... Until the DVDs arrive in your hands... Please check back here from time to time!

Okay, look forward to the next news bulletin
Posted at 15:30 | Members Information

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